Archive Section

  • A - Manuscript archive

    The manuscript archive contains interim and manuscript material on geological explorations up to approx. 2007 and represents a technical supplement to the results report archive and the geophysics archive in particular. The sub-archive consists of approx. 3,400 archive records.

    (469 titles / 487 volumes)

  • EAD - External Archives – digital

    The EAD archive ("External archives - digital") is a storage location for digital documents whose paper copies are located in "external archives". Only digital copies suitable for long-term archiving are available at the LfULG. This exclusively digital stock has been collected by the LfULG from various sources (e.g. universities) since 2022.

    (164 titles / 164 volumes)

  • EB - Results Report Archive

    The results report archive contains 3,552 documents on geological explorations carried out until about 2007. First and foremost, among these are the extensive reports produced during the existence of the GDR.

    (3718 titles / 4485 volumes)

  • G - Geophysical Archive

    This sub-archive contains 1,785 reports on geophysical surveys conducted until 2007. Since 2008, the geophysical reports have been stored in the expert opinion archive (GA).

    (1674 titles / 1675 volumes)

  • GA - Archive of Expert Opinions

    The archive of expert opinions contains all geoscientific reports and expert opinions from 2007 onwards, irrespective of their subject matter. Approximately 500 to 800 new expert opinions are added each year.

    (8640 titles / 8712 volumes)

  • Geological Maps

    This collection contains geological maps and cross-sections, mainly from the reports and surveys of the archive. The maps are georeferenced and are available in ETRS89 / UTM zone 33N.

    (1423 titles / 1423 volumes)

  • M - Theses, Dissertations and University Publications

    The M archive mainly contains qualification theses such as dissertations or bachelor/master/diploma theses. Furthermore, it contains university publications such as conference proceedings and event documents. In total, this part of the archive contains 1,662 documents.

    Most of these documents are protected by copyright. They are only made available with the consent of the authors or in the context of administrative assistance (projects with public clients).

    (1418 titles / 1418 volumes)

  • MS - Ordnance Survey Maps (GMS)

    This archive contains minor reports, geological opinions, and correspondence from 1847 to 2005. The inventory is sorted by the numbers of the ordnance survey maps and subject areas (engineering geology, hydrogeology, reservoirs, mapping, soil geology, environment/contaminated sites).

    (1541 titles / 1541 volumes)

  • Tsp - Dam Archive

    The dam archive contains all geological investigation results related to the construction of dams up to 1990. In total, this part of the archive comprises 333 documents.

    (0 title / 0 volume)

  • Z - Interim Archive

    The interim archive contains mainly manuscripts, incomplete papers, map material and a deposit file.

    (0 title / 0 volume)