About DiGA.Sax

DiGA.Sax is the Digital Geological Archive of Saxony. The platform enables online access to the Geological Archive of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology (link to the Saxon Geological Archive).

With the help of DiGA.Sax, archive holdings can be researched, viewed and, if necessary, downloaded as pdf files. You have the possibility to browse through the individual works online and to search the texts for keywords.

The Free State of Saxony has a unique density of geological data available in the Geological Archive of the LfULG. The documents date back to the 18th century and take up more than two shelf kilometres of analogue files. The Geological Archive also continuously receives new geological data from geological investigations currently being carried out.

The data includes extensive information on all geological disciplines and issues. These are mainly:

·      Exploration and research reports
·      expert reports
·      mapping documents
·      Outcrop desctiptions/resorts
·      Unpublished diploma/bachelor/master theses and dissertations
·      Drawings and photos
·      Geoscientific maps and cross sections

Large parts of the archive digitisation are being realised within the framework of the ROHSA 3 project (raw material data Saxony). Here, raw material information stored outside the geoarchive is also made accessible. The valuable geological data held in DiGA.Sax are archived for the long term and thus kept permanently readable. In addition to preservation, the main goal is to provide quick and easy access for all users from business, science and administration.

If access to a document is restricted, this may be for the following reasons: The LfULG is responsible for the enforcement of the Geological Data Law (GeolDG), which came into force on 30.06.2020. The Geology Department of the LfULG, as the State Geological Service of Saxony, is therefore obliged, among other things, to record geoscientific data within the framework of the Geological Survey, to secure it permanently and to make it available to the public or to make it available for public tasks. This applies to older data and documents as well as to new incoming documents. The public provision of geodata is carried out in compliance with the rights of third parties and the protection of public interests, i.e. non-governmental geodata, for example, are not made available to the public or only after a "blocking period".

The Digital Geological Archive of Saxony has been under construction since mid-2017. However, with a total of about 55,000 documents, it will still take some time before the archive's complete holdings will be available online.