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How do I request restricted-access documents? DiGA.Sax stores both freely accessible documents and documents with restricted access. As a logged-in user, you can add the document you have selected to your basket by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Once you have selected the documents you are interested in, you can submit a corresponding request to the LfULG in the basket view to view restricted-access documents. After review, the LfULG will make the document in question accessible to you for a limited period of time if all requirements are met.

Are there any costs for applying for restricted documents? No.

A freely available document has stamps with blocking indications, what does this mean? The confidentiality markings that are sometimes visible on digitized documents have no meaning. All documents stored in DiGA.Sax have been or will be evaluated for possible access restrictions based on current legal standards.

Are there any recommendations for using specific browsers? For good performance use the application of Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer cannot be used.

Can I set up multiple accounts for employees of a company with only one email address? No. A unique e-mail address is required for each user to use DiGA.Sax.

Can I change the user group for my account? It is not possible to change the user group for the account. For registration in another user group, a new registration with a different mail address must be carried out.

Who can I contact for technical questions? For technical questions, please send an email to:

How can I communicate my suggestions for improvement? We are very keen to continuously expand the service. In this respect, we would be very pleased to receive your feedback on our service. Please send your suggestions for improvement by e-mail to: